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Bath Festivals works to promote and celebrate the positive impact that music, books, poetry and performance can have on people’s lives. Excellence, inclusion and accessibility are at our heart. By creating innovative and diverse programmes, our festivals inspire and provide unique experiences for residents and visitors to Bath, which bring the city alive with a celebration of the arts and connect communities. We play a very specific role in the health and wellbeing of young and vulnerable people, developing opportunities that engage and inspire young people from different parts to come together in an inclusive environment. Our Creative Learning Programme provides unique creative opportunities and life-enhancing music and literature experiences to children and young people. Bath Festivals has an exceptional ability to achieve wider engagement in culture from geographic areas of B&NES that suffer from the greatest social and economic deprivation. We extend our activities by partnering with organisations to reach new audiences, increasing numbers of free community events that reflect the diversity of the community and deliver opportunities for more people to develop and express their creativity as we programme the highest quality, relevant and accessible content.

Bath Spa University is where creative minds meet. We teach and research across art, sciences, education, social science, and business. The University employs outstanding creative professionals who support its aim to be a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise. Our context and ambition We are an innovative and resourceful University with roots in the synergies between employers and creativity that are the drivers of sustainable economic development. We pride ourselves on our sense of community and our nurturing ethos. Our excellent research is novel and crosses disciplines; we value both making and the links between thinking and doing. We welcome the diversity of our students, and their multiple narratives, and we are a place where students change the world. In the next decade we will apply our skills to global challenges and local opportunities, we will focus as one community able to harness all of our strengths and capabilities, and while looking outwards we will be rooted inBath, essential to the city and the region.

House of Imagination (HOI) is a research organisation with a focus on children’s and young people’s creative and critical thinking. In practice HOI uses action research to plan and deliver innovative programmes that enable children to shape their lives through creative activity and schools to change their practices through professional development and school-based activity. At its heart is co-enquiry between children, teachers and creative professionals. HOI is driven by a desire for change in both children’s lives and in schools, focusing on an exploration of the possibilities that creativity offers. Children need more opportunities to develop their creativity and to experiment and teachers need more support to integrate these skills. Through research and dissemination HOI provides evidence for change and helps to build a strong cultural ecology that in turn supports children, schools and creative professionals.

Mentoring Plus is a community charity supporting children and young people facing significant challenges in school, with family or with emotional wellbeing. Since 1998 the charity has helped young people feel safe, feel heard and feel hopeful for their future, with 1-1mentoring and activities to build confidence and connections with the community. Mentoring Plus’ partnership with BCEP arts and heritage organisations helps young people to access creative and inspiring opportunities who might not otherwise feel able to. The charity also works with BCEP to ensure the needs of less advantaged young people are heard, understood and met, linking with schools and other support organisations to help ensure BCEP projects are relevant and deliverable to all sections of the community. 

The Egg, part of Theatre Royal Bath, has established itself at the forefront of professional theatre for children & young people in the UK, with a local, national and international reputation. Since opening in 2005, The Egg has presented over 700 plays, hosted hundreds of theatre companies, and introduced thousands of young people to live theatre. The Egg’s engagement work is innovative and pioneering. It includes: radical approaches to teaching with creativity such as School WithoutWalls; a trail-blazing Adult Creative Learning programme; co-delivery partnerships with Bath Spa University & Bath College; high quality in-house Theatre School programme; an online digital theatre training platform called The Egg Assembly with chatbot – Alphie. In 2020, The Egg won the ACE award (winner of winners) at the Creative Bath Awards for its exceptional work in performance and creativity. Egg Productions, spawned via the Idea Development Programme, The Incubator, are touring internationally and winning awards. TheIncubator selects world-class artists to develop new work for young people, often with young people. The Egg’s aim is to create exceptional theatre for children, and, by so doing, begin to address how the UK perceives young people and their place in society.

The Holburne is one of the UK’s leading independent museums. Our vision to make the Holburne an open and inspiring space for everyone, encapsulated in our strapline: ‘Changing Lives Through Art’. We are the principal visual arts organisation in Bath with a nationally acclaimed Learning & Engagement programme at the heart of the museum which reaches 13,000 people a year. We collaborate and co-create with local communities and organisations to deliver inclusive and inspirational creative opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our exhibitions bring the best art from all periods and places to Bath and the South West and celebrate local creativity past and present. Our innovative Pathways to Wellbeing Programme offers a ‘museums-on-prescription’ model which has supported over 650 young people and adults with lived experience of mental health challenges and social isolation in the last 5 years. With regular groups we provide the opportunity to explore creativity in safe, museum environments. The Holburne advocates for the power of creativity to promote wellbeing by regularly programming exhibitions of participants’ artwork in the museum. These reflect the huge diversity of creative responses that museums can inspire.

Bath Festivals

Bath Spa University

House of Imagination

Mentoring Plus

The Egg

The Holburne

BCEP Key Partners

Action For Children's Arts

The National Voice for Children's Arts in the UK.

Campaigning for children's rights to the arts.
Connecting children's arts practitioners.
Celebrating children's arts in the UK.

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Bath Education Trust

"Our aim is to improve the educational experience of children and young people in our schools and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life."

Ensuring all students develop the knowledge and skills for successful progression in education and employment.

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B&NES Music Education Hub

B&NES Music Hub is committed to providing pathways of musical excellence enabling young people from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

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Bath Philharmonia

"We build relationships with our community partners to devise collaborative projects that result in collective experiences in which everyone's contribution counts"

Nominees of the RPS Award in the category for impact, Bath Philharmonic have a ten-year track-record in enabling Young Carers to make and perform their own music.

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Bath Preservation Trust

"We are a charity promoting high standards of planning and architecture in Bath, striving to ensure the future success of our special heritage city through conservation, education and museums."

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Creativity Works

"Creative activities inspire and empower people to explore, develop and grow"

Creativity Works is an award-winning charity and socially engaged arts organisation based in Radstock, Bath and North East Somerset, delivering creative projects that make a real difference to people’s lives.

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Palladian Academy Trust

Underpinning our vision for education are our values: respect, trust, courage, curiosity. We are a values-driven organisation; committed to the Palladian Promise to learners and colleagues where the values and vision are lived out everyday in our classrooms and beyond!

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Bath & Wells Multi Academy Trust

"An outstanding education for every child, enhanced by a distinctively Christian ethos."

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Our Bridge Organisation - Real Ideas

"We solve problems & create opportunity"

From supporting young people to find work and develop skills to helping start-ups and enterprises thrive, Real Ideas work to solve problems and create positive and lasting social change.

Through their buildings and support they provide space to work and learn.

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