Young Producers

Bath Festivals & Mentoring Plus.
2019 - 2022
Project Team – 2019 Edwina Bridgeman & Danny Pandolfi, 2020 Edwina Bridgeman & Luke Turner.
Guest Artists/Practitioners – Tanya Lacey, singer and songwriter; Luke Turner, musician; Buddy Carson, singer; Matt McCoy, DJ; Heidi Vaughan, Artistic Director, Travelling Light Theatre; Jon Aitken, photographer; Dan Martin, dancer; Alex and Theo Part, musicians; JenniParkinson, musician.
Young Producers enables up to 12 young people who are facing challenges to work together with each other and professional artists to produce an event for The Bath Festival. The young people are referred into the project from Bath secondary schools. The group meets 1 morning a week during Terms 3-6 to explore their own creativity and the various roles involved in producing an event. They also have the opportunity to complete a Bronze Arts Award.

In 2019, our first cohort of young people from Ralph AllenSchool, Beechen Cliff School, Oldfield School and St Marks School produced an event for The Bath Festival: Generation Zero presents… a vibrant line up of new music, including performances from Stay Hungry, 303 and Tanya Lacey alongside showcasing their own talents in DJing, singing, dancing and lighting design.

In 2020, our second cohort had a brilliant start to the year building ideas and beginning the planning process for their event, which was sadly curtailed by COVID-19. We reconnected with some of the young people digitally and are offered creative challenges for them to complete during lockdown. We will be recruiting for our 2022 cohort shortly.
Aims and Objectives