Routes Through Music

Bath Festivals, Mentoring Plus, B&NES Music Education Hub & Bath Philharmonia
2021 - 2023
Raph Clarkson
Routes throughMusic is a 2 year project which works with B&NES Youth Hubs and Services to provide weekly music sessions that enable young people facing challenges to access music making activity on a regular basis.

Sessions focus on creative music making and music production, led by the young people’s interests and utilise the music studio facilities that exist in current youth project settings. Alongside this we are developing a network of organisations, music leaders and youth projects who are delivering music work for young people in the local authority, to enable a more joined up approach to inclusive music making for young people. We will develop a young people’s steering group to ensure that young people’s voices are a key part of this process. 

Through the project we aim to understand a range of pathways which work for young people facing challenges so they can access opportunities in music making, be this developing their own online presence for their music, accessing music courses in FurtherEducation, or working alongside music leaders or musicians to gain work experience and develop their own musical practice.