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Forest of Imagination

Forest of Imagination is a place where everyone can explore their own creativity. It offers a re-imagining of a familiar space into a fantastical world to inspire intuitive play, imaginative thought and to heighten a sense of nature in the city. Part landscape, part city, part gallery, the Forest engages everyone in a playful and alternative experience of nature, contemporary art, landscape and architecture. Forest is a wild place, a metaphorical retreat from the everyday urban world, with delight and darkness, colour and light, repurposed, natural and intelligent materials, to share the innate creativity of human nature.

Schools Without Walls

School Without Walls, in partnership with The Egg Theatre, creates an opportunity for educators to think about teaching and learning differently – to inspire learning everywhere, beyond the school walls. Children and young people are engaged in meaningful, creative enquiries in real life contexts with residencies in cultural city centres. This environment of enquiry transforms learning for both teachers and children. The approach is underpinned by a clear set of principles developed with House of Imagination: this process involves inspiration, immersion and invention, to encourage enquiring minds, creative thinking and reflection. Developing a creative and inclusive pedagogy is key to the success embedding the SWW practice into schools long-term.


In response to the pandemic, members of BCEP: Bath Festivals, the Egg Theatre, House of Imagination, Holburne Museum and Bath Spa University, came together to create Unboxed. A project that delivered beautifully crafted imagination boxes to hard-to-reach children and young people in Bath & North-East Somerset.

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